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Please fill out the following form so we can figure out what private programs and services might be useful to you. If you are unemployed you are in a good position to explore educational opportunities, new health insurance options, debt consolidation and mortgage assistance, among other things. By filling out this form we will connect you with the appropriate providers to explore these opportunities for you. This is not an application for unemployment insurance. After filling out this form we will provide you a link to your states unemployment insurance office.

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Disclaimer: The Unemployment Help Center is a private organization dedicated to helping unemployed Americans find services and products that we believe are beneficial to them while unemployed. We are not a government agency and in no way affiliated with any government agency. None of the products or services we link to are endorsed or in any way affiliated with any government agency. We will use the information submitted on this page to qualify you for and connect you with private programs, services and products and you may be contacted by people from these organizations. Information submitted on this page will not be used to determine your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits and is not an application for state unemployment benefits. This is not an application for government unemployment insurance. On the last page of our enrollment process you must click on your state link follow their instructions and fill out their unemployment insurance application to make an unemployment insurance claim in order to get your unemployment benefits checks. Please carefully review the terms and details of any programs, services or products you are connected to from our site.

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